Neston Village Fair 2016


Despite the unsettled weather, the Village Fair was successful, both as a grand day out for the local community, many of whom remarked what a great time they had, and in financial terms. Whilst stall takings were a bit down from last year, the net income from the Fair was only marginally less, with over £2.000 going to local charities and some £2,800 to the Parish.
The Village Fair Committee would like to thank all who helped in the field preparation, setting up on the day and on the stalls. Greatful thanks too to the tired and weary who stayed behind to clear the site. Appreciation also must go to members of Neston Air Cadets for their willingness and manual support.
There are still a number of drinks and ice creams/pllies left after the Fair that are available for purchase at reasonable prices. They will be available at Thursday morning coffee and Sunday morning in the Parish Church after the services. For other times please contact Keith Moores 336 4364 or 07940542324.
Fosters Larger £1 per/can (5 for £4) Strongbow Cider £1 per can
Tetley Bitter £1per/can (5 for £4) Wine £3.50 a bottle (1 red only)
Lemonade 15p a bottle Pepsi 25p a can (6 pk for £1.20
Coke 25p per/can - 5 for £1 or a 30 can/pack £6
Sunpride apple and orange drinks 20p each Water 12 small bottles £1
Rainbow Lollies £1 (10 pack) Rocket Lollies £1 (10 pack)
Majestic Choc £1 (4 pack) Toffee & Vanilla £1 (6 pack)
Chocolate & nut £1 (6 pack) Capri Sun Topic £2 (10 pieces)


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