World Day of Prayer

This year, the service has been compiled by the Christian women from Vanuatu. Beautiful Vanuatu is an archipelago 2,000 miles east of Australia in the South Pacific.  To us, and the tourists who visit, it looks like paradise, but their islands are threatened by climate change; they have at least 4 episodes of severe flooding each year, as well as more extreme weather events year on year.

In 2020 and now in 2021, there have been no tourists - and although Vanuatu has no Covid cases, their economy, based on the tourist industry has dried up completely.

Our local Committee will be recording the service as we are not able to hold a ‘live’ event this year. It will be just as interesting and colourful as the usual service, and will be streamed on YouTube from St. Mary & St. Helen, Neston on Friday, 5th March from 9am onwards.

The Committee will be distributing the Service Booklets to our supporters during the next couple of weeks so you can be part of the World Day of Prayer at home or online. If you don’t receive one by 1st March, but would like one, please contact your church rep. or Lynne  on 336-8920, or Viv on 327-6053.

Available soon



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