The Guild of Health and St Raphael meets monthly every third 
Tuesday in St Michael's, Marshlands Road, Little Neston

Quiet Day at St. Michaels, 11th November 2017.

Our Leader for this Quiet Day was Susan Brooks, and the Theme she helped us explore was how we could deepen our relationship with Jesus in our lives.

For this, Susan had brought some special music for us to listen to while we thought about a Gospel reading, imagining we were present at the time it happened.

The reading was Matthew’s account of two of the healing miracles that Jesus performed. The first was when he healed the woman who drew near to Jesus as he was on his way to heal Jairus’s daughter. Despite the crowds around him, Jesus knew she had touched his cloak; the second was when he healed Jairus’ daughter, despite those who told Jesus the little girl was dead.

We had one session, then coffee or tea, then another before lunch, and a final session before celebrating Holy Communion together. One of the most enjoyable parts of sharing Quiet Days is the sense of fellowship and love among those present, and a very real sense of the presence of our dear Lord in our midst. This helps us to pray in a very meaningful way for all who have asked for, or need our prayers.

During the quiet times we were able to use all the rooms in St Michaels, where there were Prayer Stations containing various items which helped us to focus on how this wonderful Gospel account of people drawing closer to Jesus relates to us in our own lives today.

As is usual at St Michaels, our mid-day meal was cooked for us by Rosemary -  a mouth-watering lasagne with a delicious apple crumble to follow!

A day to treasure, why not join us next time?

Lynne Vaughan

Guild of Health and St Raphael







The Guild will meet for Holy Communion with Healing in June in St Michael's at 7.30pm.
Please join us for this quiet communion, a cup of tea and fellowship afterwards.
Please note the change of time for the summer to an evening meeting.


The Guild of St Raphael is dedicated to promoting, supporting and practising Christ’s ministry of healing as an integral part of the life and worship of the Church. Its members observe a simple rule of prayer, study and work for this ministry. In all its activities, the Guild has always stood for the closest co-operation with members of the medical profession and others engaged in the work of healing.
The Neston branch of the Guild meets on the third Tuesday of the month in St Michael’s. During the winter months the meeting is at 2.00pm, and during the summer 7.30pm (the time changes at the same time as the clocks change).
We begin with a Healing Eucharist and then have a meeting, sometimes with a guest speaker. At that time, we each receive the names of people and groups for whom we shall pray during the month ahead.
If you would like to know more of the work of the Guild, or join the Guild, please talk to Elizabeth Joyce (336 1144), or speak to one of the clergy.
You would be welcome to attend any of the meetings.

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