SERVICES FOR WEEK COMMENCING 14th OCTOBER.    * School Term Time   

Mon 14th    8.00am Morning Prayer and drop-in in St Mary & St Helen  
  7.00pm Harvest Supper at St Thomas'  
Tue 15th 9.30am Holy Communion and Drop-in in St Michael's.  
  2.00pm Young at Heart in St Mary & St Helen  
  7.30pm Guild of Health & St Raphael Healing Eucharist in St Michael's  
Wed 16th  9.30am Holy Communion and 'Drop-in' in St Thomas'  
  10.00am Toddler Group in St Michael's*  
  11.00am Beryl & Robin Hughes GIFT Group  
Thur 17th 9.30am Holy Communion in St Mary & St Helen  
  10.15am West End Drop-in in St Mary & St Helen  
Fri 18th 8.30am Morning Prayer in St Mary & St Helen  
  9.15am Stay & Play in St Mary & St Helen*  
  5.00pm Parish Prayer Group in St Mary & St Helen  
Sat 19th  Guild of Health & St Raphael Quiet Day at Chester  

          SUNDAY 20th OCTOBER
          St Luke

         Isaiah 35.3-6{OTp673]; 2Timothy 4.5-17[NTp211]; Luke 10.1-9[NTp68]

St Mary & St Helen 8.00am Holy Communion
  10.45am Healing Sung Eucharist                          
St Michael's
9.30am Sunday Praise & Sunday Club
St Thomas' 9.30 am Healing Eucharist

For a complete diary of the week go to the Calendar Page
Our 'Drop-in's' everyone is welcome to 'Drop-in' for a cup of tea or coffee and a homely chat.

Days marked with a * operate in term time only 


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