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April 2018

‘Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder how those birdies is!’ This grammatically challenged verse from my childhood reminds me of my Grandad Jack who used to come out with all manner of funny verses and phrases. They often had some wisdom in them and at the very least an appropriate message. My research indicates it is a popular verse in various places around the Globe; Ireland, America, Canada to name but a few.

The verse is attributed falsely to a couple of people Ogden Nash and Spike Milligan. Apparently it is actually from an unknown source and yet so widely travelled, though it is understandable that my guess would be Spike Milligan as he would often say the verse and no doubt rest of the poem when on the radio. Most of all it is an appropriate verse at this time of year as we move into Spring with grass beginning to grow and birdsong more noticeable.

It is also the Season of the Church year, Easter, when we look at the life of Jesus as our Risen Lord. We will be looking at his appearances after the Resurrection from Easter Day on the first of April and on the Sundays that follow. We will look at Jesus’ teaching during his lifetime that speaks of his Passion and Resurrection, its importance and message of love for us all. At the end of the month on the 29th April we will look at Jesus and his message of being the true vine the one through whom we may find fulfilment and eternal joy.

On Sunday 29th April Bishop Peter of Chester will be with us for a combined service. This means that rather than having the 9.30am services and the 10.45am service instead we will have one combined service at St Thomas’ Church, Parkgate beginning at 10.15am. I know Bishop Peter is looking forward to being at St Thomas’ for the service and I invite you to make sure he receives a warm welcome from us all.

The week before on Sunday 22nd April we have another very special occasion when we all gather to review the year that has passed and look forward to the year ahead. This time of review will begin at 12.30pm at St Mary and St Helen’s Church not long after the 10.45am service. After the service has sent us out to do Christ’s will in the world as the Body of Christ, the Church. This time of review called the APCM (Annual Parochial Church Meeting) is also a time when we look at who is a signed up member of the Church (called the Electoral Roll) and we appoint the various representatives and officers that take on specific roles within the Church. Again I invite you to be there, you will learn a lot about the Church in a relatively short space of time.

So we have plenty to learn, enjoy and achieve during April within these first thirty days of the Easter Season. Nature has the increased presence of the Sun to help it spring into life, shoot new fresh green leaves and of course to chirp. Whilst I pray we also enjoy some additional sunshine we also have the Risen Son a connection with whom will resource us as we begin afresh to learn, enjoy and achieve all that God puts before us.

Happy Easter !

Yours In Christ,