Is the glass half empty or half full?

As I write this letter there is plenty of sport to feast your eyes on. Federer has just been put out of the Wimbledon Championships but Nadal is moving ever closer to raise the Gentlemen’s Singles Trophy. It is also a time when England football team are about to play for third place in the World Cup when great swathes across England and the ex-pat communities around the world are recovering from the fact we are not playing in the Final. Then there is the Cricket which I will not document but many will know what I might say.

Do we focus on the disappointment of what might have been but is not or do we look at what has been achieved. Do we concentrate on what has not been achieved or celebrate how much success has transformed the track record of the sports team or person that we admire and root for.

I think of this often when I have conversations with people about their faith. They may say they have little faith but I look back on decades upon decades of faithful church attendance where weekly they worship God and in particular Jesus in word, song, and prayer. I wonder what all that means in respect of faith?

Surely as we attend Church we are showing faith in the God who is beyond our ability to describe? Yet we helpfully do so as God who we know through the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit; something to ponder (and please feedback to me).

Then I speak to others ‘outside Church’ that is who only attend for big occasions and key life stages or not at all. The conversation may include the line, ‘You don’t need to go to Church to believe in God.’ The speedy standard rebuff speaks of God’s opponent believing in him.

Faith in God results in us doing something positive about our belief. Yes, good deeds and being a good person is part of this but so also is worship, literally giving God the worth that is deserved I would add recognising we are not perfect and verbalising our request for forgiveness and receiving absolution, a very cleansing experience.

Ok so where am I going with this. The term ‘Is the glass half empty or half full’ is about direction, which direction are we moving in? If the glass is half empty it is being drunk and so eroding, reducing. If the glass is half full it is on its way to the top, it’s moving forward being filled.

Federer has achieved so much and he will achieve more. Our cricket team has had so many wonderful results and will achieve more. Our football team equally have achieved special results and clearly are moving in the right direction.

What about faith, how’s yours? Will you recognise all that has been achieved in your faith and through your faith and want to take the next step of growth? Is your belief in God, faith, curiosity, social standing or need?

I believe we will all see God in due time being prepared for this is the quest of life. Is your glass half empty or half full, or some other fraction but moving in which direction?

Yours In Christ,





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