September  2018                           


Prayer is a spiritual adventure. It’s about relationship. It’s about talking to God. Just as we grow close to the people with whom we spend quality time, we grow closer to God by spending time in his presence praising and thanking him, meditating on his word, interceding for others, and listening for his voice.

 One way to pray is to look for God’s presence in our lives, to notice the moments when something makes us stop and think, and to hold on to them for what they are or what they might be.

 We can spend time with God going through the events of the day remembering those times of joy, the gifts we have received, the work we did, the people we met with gratitude. To think about what they gave us and what we gave them, looking for God in the details.

Then moving on to look for the presence of God in the emotions we have felt, which could have been as diverse as anger, compassion and elation. As we reflect, we will become aware of ways we have fallen short and ask for forgiveness and healing for the difficult and painful moments. Having reflected on the past day, we can then turn to the next day and ask God to show us the potential challenges and opportunities of tomorrow

 This type of reflective prayer, known as the examen, will be one of the forms of prayer at our new Parish Prayer Group.In addition there will be prayers of intercession, a time for free prayer (silent or spoken) and a time of silence. The focus of the first group meeting will be praying for the mission of the church in Neston.

The first Prayer Group meeting will be on Friday 21stSeptember at 5pm in St Mary and St Helen. It will last about 30 minutes. Meetings will be monthly, initially late afternoon on Friday, but time and place will be flexible to suit group members. Likewise the styles of prayer used will develop as we learn more about prayer together. In time it would be good to have a group meeting in each of our buildings.

 I finish with a question to ponder, “Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tyre?” 

 Yours in Christ,


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