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OCTOBER MEETING                                    


Our October talk was given by The Rev. Josh, It was about his recent visit to FLANDERS. A group of 12 met up in London, at a church near to All Hallows by the Tower where the Vicar during the First World War was the Rev. Tubby Clayton, a real character of his time, he used to drive round London in an open top car with a corgi given to him by the Queen beside him. He told that one day the dog jumped out, he stopped the car  and went up to a policeman explaining he had lost his dog , and because of its Royal connections all traffic was stopped in order to retrieve the dog. He was quite a restless man and during the First World War  he went off to war as a Chaplain, when he teamed up with the senior Chaplain Rev. Neville Talbot they put their energy into providing a refuge and place of worship for the troops. Eventually they were offered an old mansion by a local businessman but with certain conditions attached, basically refurbish it. It was initially called Church House, but it was felt that it was not the best name to attract “all troops”. After much thought, to make it more attractive it was called Talbot House not after Neville Talbot but in memory of his brother. This house was the foundation of TOC H with The Rev. Philip Byrad Clayton as chairman. In this house they created a Chapel on the floor below the attic at the top of the house and that house and Chapel is still there today. Below was a recreational area for the troops, and we were shown a movie clip of film of the concert parties that the troops organised. In the entrance he organised a noticeboard for troops passing through to leave messages for each other, one notable one was from a man who left a note to his brother that he was about, as it happened his brother came through and read it and was trying to find him when The Rev. Tubby  went to the mens  commanding officer who told him that the man had just been moved on, but moved by the situation he got the man back so they could meet, unfortunately this was their last meeting, as he then went off to battle but did not return.

However Talbot House still stands there today and the main principles of TOC H are:-





The most important reflection from this talk was that War does not care for Rank or Religion which can be seen in the principles of TOC H.

At the end of this meeting a discussion took place and it was agreed that in the New Year starting in January our meetings would take place on THE 2nd MONDAY OF THE MONTH.

It was also agreed to arrange our Christmas Lunch on Tuesday 11th December.

Miles Webb

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