Bereavement Support Group

For our March meeting we were given  a talk by Bill Johnstone entitled  “Whistles, Truncheons, and a Pair of Boots” which was about his 30 years of experience as a Police Constable in Cheshire and Merseyside. He was born in Scotland but moved to Carlisle to work on the Railways, but after National Service he a victim of the Beeching axe. At this time Cumbria Police  were recruiting heavily, but along with several others  he failed the height test but was recommended  to try Cheshire and Merseyside Police who had a lower height limit, and was successful thus starting and finishing his career on the Wirral. During that time and since retirement he has assembled  a collection Cap Badges, Truncheons, and Handcuffs. On the cap badges we were shown the difference between the Crowns on the badges which change with every new Monarch,  so there were some with  the  George VI crown and some with the Elizabeth II crown. There was  also a collection  of Badges from visiting Police Forces  from other parts of the world and a collection Humorous Post Cards featuring policemen in various situations. His talk was interspersed with tales about the Bow Street Runners, and the original Hull City force  that used to be paid by the number of arrests they made.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 10th April at 2-00pm at St. Michaels.

Miles Webb   

Bill Johnson Ex policeman