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Cards have recently been produced for parishioners who pay by standing order. Please collect yours from the basket next to the hymn books. Once put on the cash collection plate they will be part of the Offertory and be presented at the Altar. This is to acknowledge and offer a blessing within the Offertory Prayer for the financial resources we return to God, being mindful that all we receive comes from God. At the end of the service the cards will be returned to a basket by the Hymn Books ready for the next time. The cards are due to be in the churches this week ready for this development of our Planned Giving scheme to begin. Thanks to all involved in this initiative.

                                              CATALYST DISTRIBUTORS AND READERS
By now you will have received or seen our first edition of The Parish News, which has replaced our monthly Catalyst Magazine. Distribution of The Parish News will remain the same as Catalyst but it will be FREE. However, any donation would be appreciated.  I hope that our new Parish News will soon be made available in ‘public places’ thus giving a wider coverage within our Parish. Allotted magazines for distributors will be found at the West End of the Parish Church during the last week of the month. If you wish to continue your much appreciated job as a distributor, please let Gordon Sandiford know by calling 336 8827.
Thank you for all you do.                                                                                   Terry Abel


Open Doors services at St. Mary & St. Helen start the new year on Sunday Jan. 21st. There will be family all-age worship at 4pm and a more reflective cafe-style service at 5.30pm. Between the two there is time to chat and eat, as we share a simple meal together. Both these informal services are held in the cafe area at the back of church.
As you continue to hold these new services in prayer, take the opportunity to come along - bring friends. Help with various small practical jobs including refreshments is always needed.                  Josh, Judith & team 


A full time job opportunity as Referrals & Admin Coordinator in the North West region based in Manchester or the Wirral is coming up. Applications are to be submitted by Wed 24th Jan. Please contact me if you would like to see their email and link for more information.                                    Angela


Many thanks to everyone for your generous support of Wirral Whiskers who have raised £743 this year, to date, to help stop men from dying too young.  The down side is that we've had more members of our congregations diagnosed with prostate cancer. Gentlemen: don't die of shyness: see your doctor.                                                                                                                                      Chris Storer

Parish News up-dates
If you or any parish group have any news, topics, updates for Prayer & Action please forward them to Angela Klabou on 336 6312 or klabou@btinternet.com  or place your information into the Parish Church Letter Box or Letter Rack near the West End Bushell Gates.
For the Parish News and website contact Terry 336 4492 or terryabel@talktalk.net 
It is so important to let our parishioners know what is going on in church and the parish. 







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