Christian Aid News

Our Treasurer, Eileen Ward sends many thanks for everyone’s hard work & support for Christian Aid.
Totals so far this year
Sponsored Walk £1,785.60
House to House £6,563.16
Count Your blessings    £109.20
Total to end of June £8,457.96
All the churches in our district are involved in our fund-raising efforts. There was a collection for the East Africa Appeal which raised £585.00.
In July Linda Jones of Dovecote Nurseries, Burton organised Tea in her beautiful garden & raised over £1,000
Sadly, this is now the hurricane season in the tropical areas of the world, and as we know, climate change is causing major catastrophic weather episodes in many areas. The human suffering involved is so great; those directly involved in the flooding and destruction are often the most vulnerable. There are new appeals for us to help with the South Asia Floods and the Caribbean Islands.
Reports suggest 40 million people are affected in India, Nepal & Bangladesh. At least 1,200 have died.
All our Churches are asked to pray, hold a collection, and support our fundraising.
We know that some of the money we raised last year has gone into the Emergency Fund, and this is being used to provide the basic necessities of life in many areas of the world at the moment.
Thank you for your generosity during the year, please continue with your support so that we can top up our emergency funds to cope with future disasters too.

Lynne Vaughan.