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Christian Aid Week Service will be held at Christ Church Willaston at 6.30pm



On Saturday 18th March, after a beautifully sunny week, a rather dismal day greeted our intrepid walkers. Fortunately, the rain held off until we were five minutes away from the end. Altogether there were 39 walkers and 4 dogs, plus our two very important refreshment ladies.

On a personal note, it was my 25th Walk since joining the flourishing Christian Aid Committee here in Neston.  Ken and Barbara Hulme, Jean Ainley, Daphne Langton, Jocelyn and Harry Leech and a few others were among the pioneers of Sponsored Walks, begun by Christian Aid in the sixties.

I couldn’t help thinking of the differences and similarities between then and now...

Then - we walked to Thurstaston, another 4 miles through the Heswall Hills; no mobile phones, so ‘mile markers’ were in place in case anyone ran into difficulties; most first aid needed was for blisters, trainers were just becoming more popular; you would meet dog-walkers on the way, but no joggers with high-viz vests!

Ken Hulme told me that when they first began, they had over 100 folk walking, from young children to the elderly. Kath and Arthur Head were famous for raising the most cash – indeed, Arthur continued every year with the walk into his late 80’s.

Nowadays, most people who take part already enjoy walking; we have shortened the Walk in recent years, so that we cover just over 6 miles on a circuit going as far as Gayton. 

We share the Wirral Way these days with lots of cyclists, lots of people jogging as part of their exercise regime – and dog-walkers.

 We share the Wirral Way these days with lots of cyclists, lots of people jogging as part of their exercise regime – and dog-walkers.

Although we have had young people from the Youth S.V.P. walking with us, often carrying heavy buckets of water to identify with those who have to walk miles for clean water, the Walk doesn’t seem to attract as many young folk these days. They are to be found doing Sponsored Abseiling challenges and other more adventurous undertakings.

Four things haven’t changed at all! 

Dedicated members of the Committee make it happen, year after year; All sponsor money goes to projects run in many countries by Christian Aid, to help the most vulnerable people to help themselves; We are supported by the prayers and donations of this generous community; At the end of the Walk we enjoy fabulous home-made soup and rolls!

                                                                                                                Lynne Vaughan

P.S. We are often asked for the recipe for the soups – you can find them on our parish web site.

This year marks 60 years of the beginning of the work of Christian Aid. It was begun to address the dreadful refugee situation after World War 2.

Over the years the number of displaced people has never reached the same magnitude until now – an estimated 65 million people have been uprooted from their homes by war, famine and environmental climate change.

This year, once again, Christians in this country are being asked to help solve this problem. We can do it again - with your help.

PLEASE put your name down to help for an hour or two in Christian Aid Week - the House to House collection is when most of our cash is raised.

You can help by delivering envelopes, collecting them, helping count the collection, giving, praying. Please support our Christian Aid United Service.

Thank you for whatever you can do.


Christian Aid Service 

Sunday 14th May at 6.30pm at Christ Church, Willaston

Speaker: Miss Wendy Ross-Barker     (Methodist Lay-Preacher)

All Welcome.


More information please contact: Lynne Vaughan  0151 336 8920

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