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Cathedral Organ Recitals.
If you fancy something relaxing, away from the hustle and bustle of city shopping, then why not have a light lunch in the Cathedral Refrectory and wander through and enjoy organ recitals each Thursday throughout the year. More details :-  chestercathedral.com/music-worship/organ-recitals


Chester Cathedral has a contemporary evening service on a Wednesday at 5.30pm in a small chapel.
It starts with a bible reading, followed by a silence; then a poem, followed by a silence; then another secular reading followed by 10 minute silence. After that there is a time for sharing (or not) and finishes at 6.15pm.
If you are shopping in Chester maybe it would be an opportunity for a piece of quiet in your busy life. I totally enjoyed it. More details:- chestercathedral.com/event/said-evening-prayer-in-the-lady-chapel
                                                                                                                   Carol Stott

At the meeting we will be considering what Reader Ministry is and speak a little of the selection and training. 
Current serving Readers in our Deanery will then talk of the types of ministry they are involved in. 
It is hoped that Cheryl Cloverley, the Assistant Diocesan Warden of Readers, will also be there if there are any 'hard questions'
This is an open meeting and we stress that it is a no-obligation event. Please consider coming along to the meeting to find out more about this ministry.