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Socks Please!!
Mother's Union are collecting NEW socks for men, women and children. They will be given to Syrian refugees and other displaced people. There is a box at the back of St Mary & St Helen and any contributions would be gratefully received.

The PCC has agreed to purchase a new red altar frontal. I have offered to make it and would like to invite other sewers to join me if they wish. It will be goldwork - don't worry if you've never done that before because I can show you. I'm holding a meeting tomorrow Monday 14th May at 3.30pm in the Parish Church. Please come if you are interested or give me a ring.
                                                                                                                       Elizabeth 336 1144


Cards have recently been produced for parishioners who pay by standing order. Please collect yours from the basket next to the hymn books. Once put on the cash collection plate they will be part of the Offertory and be presented at the Altar. This is to acknowledge and offer a blessing within the Offertory Prayer for the financial resources we return to God, being mindful that all we receive comes from God. At the end of the service the cards will be returned to a basket by the Hymn Books ready for the next time. The cards are due to be in the churches this week ready for this development of our Planned Giving scheme to begin. Thanks to all involved in this initiative.

Parish News up-dates
If you or any parish group have any news, topics, updates for Prayer & Action please forward them to Angela Klabou on 336 6312 or klabou@btinternet.com  or place your information into the Parish Church Letter Box or Letter Rack near the West End Bushell Gates.
For the Parish News and website contact Terry 336 4492 or terryabel@talktalk.net 
It is so important to let our parishioners know what is going on in church and the parish. 



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