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GIFT GROUP 7 enjoys gathering to chat, reflect on scripture and pray on the third Wednesday of each month at 11.00 am, concluding with lunch, at 24 Bowring Drive, Parkgate, CH64 6ST, the home of Beryl and Robin Hughes. This season we will begin with the Letter of St Pauls to the Christians in Rome. Notwithstanding, note the next date is 25th October, reverting to the third Wednesday thereafter. Everyone is very welcome. Just turn up or call 0151-336 3675 You can email us at beryl_hughes@talktalk.net or robin_hughes@talktalk.net

Our Parish Church holds regular monthly home groups to help people grow in their faith.
from friday


What is the gift you have given to me?
Open my heart and mind that I may see
Take me and mould me just like clay
Paint me a picture of how I might be
Give me the language to express your word
To people who need you
But not yet heard

Give me your gifts to do your work
To be a part of your great church
Take me and mould me
To be a friend
To listen and and encourage
And not to judge
Give me the gift of laughter and fun
But also humility for the work to be done
  Liz McBain (Choir) Parish Weekend 2015