Youth in the Community


As you know, in 2008 we established Neston Parish Church Youth in the Community "to promote an environment to work with young people in the area by giving them access to projects which are aimed at helping them to reach their potential and contribute in a positive way to the community", and since then we have been running various projects for young people. All the projects have been sports based, and we have obtained funding from various sources.
We have been running a non-contact boxing project for the last 2 years at Neston Youth & Community Centre on a Thursday evening for young people aged between 6 & 15 years, split into two separate age groups between 6–8pm. This was set up after the young people showed a preference for this. Our funding for this was coming to an end, so in July we applied to the Lottery "Awards for All" and we have just been granted a year’s worth of funding to build on what we already do.
We will continue to run the youngsters’ groups but are also running a separate fitness programme for their parents, from 6–7pm and 7–8pm in a different room. We will also be providing a nutritional drink at the end of the sessions. We have been in contact with Sainsbury’s and they are prepared to donate fruit that is still usable but unable to be sold to us on a weekly basis. We will be sharing how we make the drinks to the young people so we hopefully will be able to encourage healthier eating.
The 6 – 7pm slot has a good following, but the 7 – 8pm older group has less young people, so less adults, so we are pursuing the possibility of using this adult hour as a "get together" fitness hour for people who have been identified as needing more socialisation as well as fitness, or people who are isolated and perhaps have anxiety or slight depression problems. We are in contact with the Health and Wellbeing co-ordinator for the local surgeries. She in fact will be helping us to promote this session by speaking to the surgeries and also doing flyers and posters for us.
All our projects have been free so that no-one is stopped from coming along due to financial constraints, and we also use fully qualified coaches. Our relationship with our coaches has been ongoing for the last 10 years.
If anyone would like to know more then please get in touch, also if you would like to help out on the odd Thursday evening that would be great, at the moment it’s just me and the odd parent!

Thanks, Carol Stott

 N.B. At the moment we are not allowed to make an official announcement of the Lottery award until after 15th November, when the National Lottery put out the list of awards they have given out.

Every FRIDAY morning at 9.15am 'Stay & Play' in St Mary & St Helen [for mum's and kids].

Every TUESDAY evening at 7.00pm 'Chill & Chat' Youth 'drop-in' in St Mary & St Helen

Every Sunday of the month:          

St Michael’s Church
Marshlands Road, Little Neston.

Children's Sunday Club    3 to 13yr olds
In conjunction with the 9.30am Sunday Praise Service and Second Sunday Eucharist.
Contact:    Lynne Vaughan      0151 3368920
     or         Janet Rossiter        0151 3365503

Second Sunday of the month:

St Thomas’ Church
School Lane, Parkgate

Children's Sunday Club  3 to 13yr olds
In conjunction with 9.30am Sunday Praise Service
Contact:       Lesley Irvin        0151 3538840

Third Sunday of the month:

St Mary & St Helen
High Street, Neston

Children's Sunday Club  3 to 13yr olds
In conjunction with 10.45am Sung Eucharist
Contact:      Debbie Lewis       0151 3361767


Fourth Sunday of the Month:

St Thomas’
School Lane, Parkgate

Children's Sunday Club  3 to 13yr olds
4.00pm to 5.30pm
Contact:     Lesley Irvin          0151 3538840