Tuesday 5th September 2017

"Our visit to Chester Cathedral to see and her about the Dead Sea Scrolls

On Tuesday 8th Sept 18 if us, from the three Parish Churches and from the Thursday coffee morning group met at Chester Cathedral Library where we were greeted by Dr. George Brooke. Dr. Brooke is the Deputy Librarian, predominately in charge of the exhibition of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Dr. Brooke read theological studies at Oxford. His wife is Canon Chancellor of Chester Cathedral. The talk and lecture was arranged by Elizabeth Joyce.

The lecture was predominately on the discovery of the Scrolls,by a young shepherd boy, who, having thrown some stones into a cave- as boys do- thus dislodging the scrolls from their hiding place, after many centuries.

The Dead Sea Scrolls come to support a view of scripture, especially that of the Hebrew Bible- The Old Testament. In particular the Torah.

The Scrolls were eventually sold and sent to the Antiquities Museum in New York.

Obviously our viewings were of copies of the precious artefacts that are held by Chester Cathedral. We were able to view copies of the books and photos relating to the subject.

We asked a question of Dr. Brooke. How many of these ancient aromatic languages did he read or speak. After a few moments of thought he replied he said he could not keep up with them all but he reckoned he had about 15 "under his belt"

Dorothy and I had a most enjoyable day. Firstly with coffee in the Cathedral refectory, with some of the group, going  off for lunch, the instructive lecture,  some shopping. typical of Dorothy and then home. However,  not before a vote of thanks was given to both Dr. Brooke and Elizabeth from us all.

Donald Pilley

More information: Chester Cathedral