Farewell to Josh and welcome to the new Vicar of St Thomas' Norbury

Congratulations to Revd Josh Askwith on his appointment as Vicar of the parish of St Thomas, Norbury, Hazel Grove Stockport. Josh, Ashleigh, and Abby were joined by members of the parish of Neston to support and to wish him and family well in his new ministry.


First, my thanks to all who give regularly to the work of the Church here in Neston. I am preparing the weekly envelopes for those who wish to give money to the Church this way next year. The envelopes for 2020 will be available in the three churches for Sunday 22nd December 2019 at the latest. Please let me know if you wish to be added to (or removed from) the envelope scheme before then. Thank you. Richard Lewis (interim planned giving officer) 336 5346, 336 6057 or nestonparishoffice@gmiail.com


Katie Bushell has been in contact this week. The Malawi foster families she works with are incredibly grateful for all the support the Church offers. The ladies tell us things are going well, but they need good rains (but not flooding!) so that their crops will grow. Flooding early this year took the cost of maize beyond what they can afford. ‘Please pray with us!’     Judith


In October 2018, Chester Diocese launched its art exhibition Journey into Light which features over 40 individual pieces of artwork produced by prisoners at HMP Styal and HMP Thorn Cross. The aim of the exhibition is to demonstrate to visitors that behind every prisoner’s conviction and sentence is a personal story of love, hope and loss. We are invited to the final exhibition and thanksgiving service to be held on 17th December at St George's Church, Stockport at 6pm. If you wish to attend, please contact Richard Lewis in the parish office 336-5346.

Many thanks to those who bought tickets for the Gordale Charity Evening. The churches of our area sold 31 tickets, which raised £93.00, and the Burton Hand Bell Ringers donated £50 to us as well, so altogether we made £143.00. We also enjoyed Christmas music from the Signing Choir and the Brass Band. Lots of folks took advantage of discounted goods too!
Our second event was the Quiz Night held at the URC last Friday evening. This very pleasant event raised £410 for Christian Aid.
Many thanks to everyone for their support. Please put in your diary our fantastic Book Sale event to be held on Friday 17th January 10.30 am-12.30 pm at the Teapot Cafe, Neston Methodist Church.                        Lynne Vaughan


Frances Withers is retiring as Secretary of the Neston Guild for Health and St Raphael after 17 years of dedicated ministry. On behalf of the Church and the many families that have benefited from the prayers you have facilitated us all to offer to God, we thank you. The level of thanks is immeasurable. I feel Jesus would want to say to you ‘Well done, good and faithful servant!’ (Matt 25:21, 23 NIV).   Christine Spencer has kindly offered to take over. Her email address is: gregandchris.spencer@gmail.com.               Alan

GG7 Group   
To confirm that we gather again next Wednesday 20th November 11.00 am for lunch, learning and prayer, continuing our current theme ‘interesting Bible characters – their life, times and significance’.

May we also remind you that you are personally invited to Parish Prayers, 5.00 pm at SMH (and Robin is conducting today!). It usually lasts about half an hour.

Beryl and Robin


Cascading Poppy's for Neston


           St Mary & St Helen's                     St Michael's.                          St Thomas'

Thanks to Peter Coward for this

Piece of artistic licence

Rev’d JOSH’S LICENSING AT NORBURY Thurs 28th November at 7.30pm
Put this very important date in your diary! Josh will be installed at St Thomas’ Norbury, Hazel Grove and we are all invited. Doreen is arranging a coach. There will be more details later.


I have taken over Edna's role as Box Secretary. Please contact me if your box needs emptying or if you would like one to collect your spare change.  Haidee Proud 336 5175 or 07939 895979


Yes! It is that time of year again. I have been unable to collect and cover boxes this year but have arranged to receive Teams4U boxes, leaflets, and posters, and will get them out in the next two weeks. If you prefer to cover and fill your own shoebox that is great. Alternatively, you could buy a gift and leave it in any of our churches with my name on and I will make sure it is included in a Box for a child who would not otherwise receive a gift at Christmas. Thank you in advance for your help to make Christmas 2019 the best year yet!Kath 336 2723

QUIET DAY – Sat 19th Oct

The Guild of Health and St Raphael have a Quiet Day at 2 The Paddock, Curzon Park, Chester CH4 8AB with Fr Michael Mills. If you would like to join us, please book with Elizabeth Joyce 336 1144 or Frances Withers 336 4641


Lesley Irvin will be licensed as a pastoral worker for the Parish of Neston by Bishop Keith at Chester Cathedral. The service starts at 4.15pm. Lesley would appreciate your support at the service and your prayers.                             Alan 


At Thornton Hall Hotel with Graham Kendrick, song-writer and performer: Shine Jesus Shine, Knowing You, the Servant King and Amazing Love, are worship songs famous round the world
Graham will be talking and performing at the next in the quarterly series of inspirational Christian speakers. Cooked breakfast costs £11 and you can book at 347 5658 or www.wirralbreakfast.co.uk. The idea is for groups to sit together, so, when you’re asked, say ‘Neston Parish’, and we can share each other’s company. Helpful to know if you’re coming.Robin Hughes336 3675 robin_hughes@talktalk.net


Please join us, together with a team of Lloyds Bank volunteers, tomorrow (all day) and help plant a gift of 700 spring-flowering bulbs.  Refreshments will be provided.  Please bring your own gardening tools. 
Many thanks. Val Johnson 739 1217

GG7 Meeting

The next gathering will be on 16th October at 11.00 am when we will be continuing to look at interesting characters from the Bible. on this occasion the subject will be ‘The Angel of the Lord’ who crops up all over though whether she or he can really be considered an ‘interesting character’ remains to be seen. New members are especially welcome. They can give us a ring for more information. Robin & Beryl Hughes

Graham Kendrick, song-writer and performer Saturday, October 5th at Thornton Hall Hotel 8.00 am Shine Jesus Shine, Knowing You, the Servant King and Amazing Love, are worship songs famous round the world.
Graham will be talking and performing at the next in the quarterly series of inspirational Christian speakers and it is bound to book up quickly. 
Cooked breakfast costs £11.00 and you can book at 0151 347 5658 or www.wirralbreakfast.co.uk. The idea is for groups to sit together, so, when you’re asked, say ‘Neston Parish’, and we can share each other’s company. Helpful to know if you’re coming.Robin Hughes0151 336 3675 robin_hughes@talktalk.net

KEEP UP THE RECYCLING!   Kath Roberts is busy sorting through your offerings of crisp packets, stamps, bread bags and hard plastics (pens, toothpaste tubes & brushes). Some people seem surprised that it is worth recycling Plastic milk tops separately, but they are worth more when sold this way. Just pop these things in the box at the back of the church.                                                                          Thanks, Rev  Judith

Parish News up-dates
If you or any parish group have any news, topics, updates for Prayer & Action please forward them to Angela Klabou on 336 6312 or klabou@btinternet.com or place your information into the Parish Church Letter Box or Letter Rack near the West End Bushell Gates.
For the Parish News and website contact Terry 336 4492 or terryabel@talktalk.net 
It is so important to let our parishioners know what is going on in the church and the parish.

Gifts/donations of electrical items.
Without appearing ungrateful for donations or gifts of electrical items i.e. toasters, microwaves, hoovers etc to our churches. Now because of Health and Safety, we can not accept such items without a PAT certificate. please visit:-
https://www.pat.org.uk/is-pat-testing-a-legal-requirement/                    Terry - Church Warden


We can recycle the following items via our very own Kath at St Michael's: Old toothbrush tubes and toothbrushes; Contact lenses; Pringle tubes and lids; Pens, biros, markers, felt tips and correction fluid; Printer cartridges, milk bottle tops, and stamps. Could each church please put a box out to collect these items and let us know when you have some.             Thanks, Carol 336 1312




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