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Knit and Natter started in February 2017 with 8 people.  This quickly rose to 36 members.  The group members not only did their personal knitting but also knitted for charities too.

We began by knitting baby hats, blankets and octopus toys for both Arrowe Park Hospital and the countess of Chester Hospital.

For the Mission to Seamen and the homeless we made hats, scarves and gloves.

Twiddle muffs are made for the local nursing/care homes.

The group made countless ‘fish and chip’ jumpers and comfort dolls to be sent for babies in Africa.

Teddies for distraught children were made for the Fire Brigade.

Themed Bottle tops were knitted for Age Concern.

Dolls clothes were knitted for Claire House.

Blankets for Refugees

The group were also involved in projects for the church.  Angels for the Angel Festival and ‘Jesus in the Manger’ for the following Christmas Festival.

The group also knitted for the Summer Fair and Christmas Fair to raise money for the church.

Each year we had an afternoon tea and a Christmas spread for members.

During the Covid lockdown and the two years of disruption the Knit and Natter team kept in constant touch with the group members.  Birthday and Christmas cards were sent and 5 fun packages were delivered by hand.  During this time our members continued to knit for charities and the team did several deliveries to the causes.

The doors were reopened to the group in October 2021.  Following new guidelines and wishing to keep members safe the group was reduced to 26 members, once again resuming our own and charity knitting.

For the Seaman’s Mission; hats, scarves and gloves

For both hospitals; baby hats, blankets and octopuses

For Claire House, dolls clothes

For local Nursing/care Homes; twiddle muffs

The group has also been involved in a big project of knitting Bible stories and these were on display for two weeks in the Parish church during the autumn.

Knitting to the Christmas and Summer Fairs is ongoing.

The Knit and Natter Team are always looking for new projects for the benefit of others.



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