This is our last major fundraising event for this year. There are lists at the back of our churches today if you are able to give out envelopes or collect in any of the roads allocated to our three churches. It doesn’t take very long – I only want people to cover about 20 houses each – taking about 10 minutes to deliver and 30 minutes to collect again. We only give you roads where we know people will respond well – so please do consider helping this year. If you would rather take part in our Bucket Collection at Gordale Garden Centre for an hour, please consider doing that instead. Whatever you do - collect, deliver, donate  or pray - please remember those who desperately need the funds we will be raising -  Many thanks!                                                    Lynne Vaughan 336 8920

                                              CHRISTIAN AID THANKS

Eileen Ward, our Christian Aid Committee Treasurer has asked me to thank the members of our three churches for contributing £250 to the money raised for the Christian Aid sponsored walk. Specially thanks go to Ina and Lynne for battling through storm-force winds and wading through floods to achieve this, and please thank your sponsors for their generosity. We raised £1,789 altogether from our local group.                                          Lynne Vaughan

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