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20.12.14 Antony WINSTONE and Fiona Jane WALKER
17.04.15 Tom WILLIAMSON and faye LEVINGSTON
02.05.15 Tim  BAXTER and Clare DUNCON
28.07.15 Alex JONES and Nicola CYMAN
31.07.15 Simon HOLLELEY and Estelle CLARKE
14.08.15 Shawn SEDDON and Sarah ASHBROOK
22.08.15 David RODER and Heather CARR
28.08.15 Graeme ROWLANDS and Katie JONES
05.09.15 Alasdair WRIGHT and Johanna GREEN
26.09.15 Gareth JONES and Hannah COTTRELL
10.10.15 Nicholas SUTHERLAND and Louise SUTHERLAND
23.10.15 Katie ELLAM and John HUMPHREYS
30.10.15 Gillian GARNETT and Nicholas BRACKEN
28.02.16 David Brian Willam ROGERS and Kelly Marie JONES of Neston
19.03.16 Alan David BIRCH and Caroline Anne STACEY
04.06.16 Aleksandra Czeslawa MOTOWIDLAK and Richard Alan LAMB 
20.05.17 Alex SYMINGTON and Lydia MOTTRAM
27.05.17 Toby SPENCE and Jennie COTTRELL
28.05.17 Tom OWENS and Laura DICKINSON
29.07.17 Christopher WHALEY and Roxanne PHILANDER
14.08.17 Jason Frances FULLER and Nicola Marie WHITLEY
12.05.18 John PROUD and Haidee ROGERS
16.06.18 Ian ASPINALL and Kate SKINNER


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