Holy Baptism - Welcomed into Christ's Holy Catholic Church:


22.02.15 CHARLOTTE ANN, daughter of Kelly Marie ROBINSON and Gavin Charles  BATCHELOR of Heswall
01.03.15 EMILY ROSE LAUREY, daughter of Charlotte Louise and Thomas DICKINSON of Neston
01.03.15 SOPHIE ALEKSANDRA, daughter of Aleksandra Czeslawi and Richard Alan LAMB of Neston
15.03.15 JACOB ANDREW, son of Lindsey MILLINGTON and stephen Allan LEDSOM of Prenton                
19.04.15 DANIEL THOMAS ALEC, son of Leanne JONES and James OWEN of Neston
03.05.15 JONATHON ROBERT CECIL, son of Rachel Frances and Gareth Alan Ronald JARVIS of London
10.05.15 OLIVIA RUTH, daughter of Alex and Neil Huxley of Little Neston
17.05.15 AYDEN HARRY EDWARD, son of Dawn and Darren Keith HUNT of Neston
17.05.15 ELSIE MAI, daughter of Rachael Irene and Philip Andrew JONES of Brimstage
21.06.15 CRYSTAL LILLY KATHRYN, daughter of Kathryn Elizabeth and Steven Peter Daintree of Neston
21.06.15 AVA ROSE, daughter of Andrea Dianne and Robert John WHARTON of Neston
28.06.15 ANDIE LAUREN, daughter of Leonie Eva and Robert Sarsfield McDONALD of Bebington
28.06.15 EVA CARMEL, daughter of Leonie Eva and Robert Sarsfield McDONALD of Bebington
12.07.15 ELLIE GRACE, daughter of Lucy Rose and Simon Joseph PURSELL of Parkgate
19.07.15 ABBIE LOUISE, daughter of Louise and Carl William BISHOP of Neston
20.07.15 ROSABELLA SOFIA, daughter of Emma Suzanne and Alessandro Carol PINO of Chester 
06.09.15 KIAN, son of Rebecca SMITH and Dale BUTTERWORTH of Neston
13.09.15 SOPHIE ANNE, daughter of Kelly Anne Davies and Benjamin Criggar SMITH of Oxton
04.10.15 MICHAEL GEORGE WHEELAN son of Francesca Rose CLELLAND and Michael George Whelan RUSSEL of Neston
04.10.15 COSMO FRANK CLELLAND, son of Francesca Rose CLELLAND and Michael George Whelen RUSSEL of Neston
11.10.15 GEORGE WILLIAM, son of Katy Jane and Mark William John BLINKHORN of Neston
18.10.15 SEBASTIAN ANTHONY, son of Alison Janet and Dominic John DUNBAR of Neston
08.11.15 SEREN JANE daughter of Anna and David HILLIARD of Little Neston
08.11.15 POPPY ANN MAY daughter of Gemma Marie and Craig KENDALL of Parkgate
06.12.15 JOSEPH JAMES son of Christopher SLACK and jennifer DALY of Parkgate
06.12.15 EVELYN ROSE daughter of Michael and Rebecca WHITTY of Eccles, Manchester
03.01.16 SOPHIE JAY daughter of Jill Valerie Sarah and Richard Andrew BIRKETT of Parkgate
17.01.16 RYAN son of Rebecca Jane and Stephen Michael BAILEY of Neston
17.01.16 HAYDEN WYN son of lauren Maureen and Dewi Wyn SALISBURY of Neston
07.02.16 IYLAH-MAIZOE, daughter of Samantha Jane SHARPE and Daryl Adam ELLIS of Neston
07.02.16 RONNIE ALEXANDER RAYMOND, son of Nina Margaret Jane and Raymond Peter WILLIAMS of Neston
14.02.16 DAISEY, daughter of Emma and  Robin HARRIS of Neston
21.02.16 ELLIE ELIZABETH, daughter of Catherine Elizabeth JELLICOE and Christopher Raymond THOMAS of Neston
21.02.16 ISABELLE, daughter of Joanne and Daniel YATES of Neston
21.02.16 JACOB JOSEPH, son of Joanne and Daniel YATES of Neston
28.02.16 EVAN JACOB BRIAN, son of Kelly Marie and David Brian William Rogers of Neston
20.03.16 AVA OLIVIA, daughter of Jodie ROBINSON of Ellesmere Port
20.03.16 LIAM KEVIN, son of Nicola and Kevin WILLIAMS of Neston
27.03.16 JOSEPH MICHAEL, son of Charlotte and Michael SHARP of Neston
10.04.16 LUCY SUSAN daughter of Vicki McTARLAND and Jason THOMAS of Prenton
17.04.16 LEWIS, son of Karen CLARK and Michael Stephen BARCLAY of Neston
17.04.16 JOSHUA JAMES, son of Jennifer WINKLE and Craig Alan SMITH of Neston
24.04.16 CHLOE, daughter of Laura DICKINSON and Thomas OWENS of Neston
01.05.16 ALETHEA CHRISTINA LESLIE, daughter of Samanther NELSON of Neston
08.05.16 MAY JENNIFER, daughter of hollie Jay REID and Joel RUPPER of Willaston
15.05.16 NANCY, daughter of Gemma and Timothy Frank TOWNSON of Heswall 
15.05.16 THOMAS, son of Laura SMITH and Ryan COATHUP of Pensby
22.05.16 ARCHIE son of Kim NORMAN and Lee GRIFFITHS of Neston
22.05.16 SIENNA RAE, daughter of Melanie MORRIS and Omar CHOUDHARY of Warrington
12.06.16 MEGAN JOYCE daughter of  Gemma RENSHAW-BYRNE and Ian BYRNE of Bromborough
19.06.16 ROBERT JOSHUA, son of Victoria and Robert James Gregory BAKEWELL of Little Neston
17.07.16 JOSIE ANNE, daughter of Jennifer Elizabeth RAE and Stuart CLEMENT of Neston
17.07.16 GABRIEL FRANCIS, son of Hayley Frances and John Christopher HEAP of Neston
14.08.16 TYLER JOHN KEVIN, son of Emily Eliabeth and Mark Kevin OcCONNOR of Little Neston
14.08.16 ELI ARCHER, son of Katie Louise TOWNSON and Kane Jherek VOICE of Neston
21.08.16 ARIANA, daughter of Jodie and Nicholas JONES of Neston
21.08.16 JOSHUA MARSHALL, son of Sarah ASHBROOK-SEDDON and Shawn SEDDON of Neston
21.08.16 EMILY JANE, daughter of Sarah ASHBROOK-SEDDON and Shawn SEDDON of Neston
21.08.16 ELLA ROSE, daughter of Sarah ASHBROOK-SEDDON and Shawn SEDDON of Neston
21.08.16 LANA-MAI, daughter of Sarah ASHBROOK SEDDON and Shawn SEDDON of Neston
04.09.16 MIA HEZEL, daughter of Laura Ashley PROSSER and Ian Paul COTTRELL of Neston
04.09.16 CHARLIE JACOB KEVIN, son of Rebkah Damaris RANDALL and Sean Anthony JONES of Little Neston
18.09.16 DAISY ISLA, daughter of Andrea and Anthony Richard COLYER of Neston
18.09.16 RUBY MEADOW, daughter of Robin Ashleigh HAWKINS and Andrew Mark McKINSLEY of Little Neston
25.09.16 ARLO JAY, son of Helen Kate and Andrew Ronald GRIFFITHS of Little Neston
16.10.16 ETHAN DAVID, son of Rebecca Louise DICKSON and Warren John PETERS of Chester
16.10.16 LOGAN ROY, son of Rebecca Louise DICKSON and warren John PETERS of Chester
06.11.16 ISABELLA GRACE, daughter of Hannah Jane and Michael Hanley PERRY of Bromorough
06.11.16 ANNABELLA JOSIE GRACE, daughter of Hannah Lorraine and Joseph John WILLIS of Neston
06.11.16 ROYDEN JOSEPH THOMAS, son of Hannah Lorraine and Joseph John WILLIS of Neston
13.11.16 DAISEY APRIL, daughter of Caroline Joanne and Benjamin Scott JOHNSON of Neston
20.11.16 EMELI JADE, daughter of Rebecca Jane LAWRENCE and Mark Steven NORMAN of Little Neston
20.11.16 JACK STEVEN, son of Rebecca Jane LAWENCE and Mark Steven NORMAN of Little Neston
04.12.16 PATRICK JACK, son of Changyan BAI and Michael STOKES of Little Neston
04 12.16 CHRISTOPHER EDWARD, son of Rebecca Caterine and Stuart Edward HILL of Little Neston
18.12.16 EMILY GRACE SINGLETON, daughter of Sarah Elizabeth and Christopher Mark AMES of Neston
29.01.17 EUAN JOHN, son of Donna Jayne and Mark Andrew GERRARD-MOFFAT of Little Neston
11.02.17 HUGH DAVID son of Alice Mary and Tom KIRBY of Rock Ferry
12.03.17 DOUGLAS EDWARD son of sarah Jane HOUGH-SMITH and John Jordon SEYMOUR of Little Neston
19.03.17 ISLA EVE daughter of Clare Elizabeth REED and Daniel James TROTMAN of Neston
07.05.17 LUKE JAMES DAVIES, son of Paul John HALSALL of Neston
07.05.17 GEORGE EDWARD, son of Kyla Shireen OSWALD and Philip Charles FORSHAW of Neston
07.05.17 STORM VIOLET, daughter of kyla Shireen OSWALD and Philip Charles FORSHAW of Neston
07.05.17 LEILA SKYE, saughter of Rebecca Helene POVALL and Marcus Aaron Damien JONES of Neston
14.05.17 BENJAMIN OLIVER, son of Lucy Rose and Simon Joseph PURCELL of Parkgate
21.05.17 CHARLOTTE GRACE HARMONY, daughter of Victoria Grace and Michael Glen HARPER of Little Neston
18.06.17 ISABEL EMMA, daughter of Jane Louise and Gareth CONQUEROR of St Helens
18.06.17 MAXIMUS PAUL, son of Jane Louise and Gareth CONQUEROR of St Helens
16.07.17 RENEE MONICA, daughter of Natalie Sheena BUSH and Freddy John Robert JELLICOE of Little neston
06.08.17 JAMES JOHN BERNARD, son of Sarah Elizabeth Clare ASTON and Ian John McDONOUGH of Little Neston
13.08.17 ABIGAIL ROSE, daughter of Ashleigh and Joshua Christian ASKWITH of Neston
13.08.17 GRAYSON GLYN, son of Rebecca jade and Even David HORWOOD of Parkgate
20.08.17 ALFIE JACK, son of Kelly Lisa and Kevin Norman SILVERLOCK of Little Neston
03.09.17 RUBY OLIVIA, daughter of Catherine Elizabeth JELLICOE and christipher Raymond THOMAS of Neston
10.09.17 TOBY CHARLES SAMUEL, son of Louise and Michael Frances THOMAS of Neston
29.10.17 JAXON JAMES STEVEN, son of Kate Louise and Graeme Michael ROWLANDS of Little Neston
05.11.17 ARABELLA KATE daughter of Hannah Jane COTTRELL and Gareth Reed JONES of Heswall
11.02.18 EMILY WISNOM daughter of Emma Margaret and Robin Andrew HARRIS OF Neston
04.03.18 CHARLIE DAVID  son of Jessica Louise GRANT and Christopher JONES of Little Neston
25.03.18 LILLY-MAE daughter of Sabrina Charmine PEERS and Ian Charles WEIR of Neston    
25.03.18 SABRINA CHARMINE  PEERS [Adult] on Neston
15.04.18 CHARLOTTE ELLIE HELEN daughter of Bethany and Stephen William John DIGGORY of West Kirby     
15.04.18 ALFIE WILLIAM JOHN son of son of Bethany and Stephen William DIGGORY of WEst Kirby
06.05.18 LYLA OLIVE daughter of  Zoe Eleanor BIDSTON and Mark WEAVER of Little Neston
13.05.18 STANLEY HUGHES son of  Kerry Jayne HUGHES
20.05.18 A​VA MAE daughter of Claire Louise and Ian Michael JOHNSON of Little Neston
03.06.18 EMILY ROSE daughter of Alice Anne and Adam Thomas BIDSTON of Wallasey
10.06.18 AOIFE ROBYN daughter of daughter of Anghaarad Tasmin and Martin Richard PULFORD of Parkgate
10.06.18 ANGHAARAD TAMSIN daughter of Anghaarad Tasmin and Martin Richard PULFORD of Parkgate    
01.07.18 RHYS THOMAS son of Jennifer Elizabeth and Ryan Thomas GREENWAY of Pensby
15.07.18 GEORGIA LILLY daughter of Gillian Cathleen and Mark John SAUNDERS of Little neston
22.07.18 OLIVIA JANE daughter of Linda Jane and Stephen James WILLIAMS of Greasby
05.08.18 OLLY DAVID son of Jade and John David HURINE of Neston
05.08.18 EVIE JADE daughter of Jade and John David HURINE of Neston
19.08.18 POPPY MAY daughter of Jordan Danielle CHAPMAN and Charlie SUMMERS of Neston
19.08.18 OLIVER GEORGE son of Jennifer Ann and Christopher SLACK of Parkgate
02.09.18 SAMPSON WILLIAM CASTLE son of Rachel Louise Whiteway and Benet Christian Dalton  
16.09.18 ISLA GRACE daughter of Estelle Jennifer and Simon James Holleley of Ellesmere Port
21.10.18 WILLOW MARTHA daughter of Wendy Lynn and Lee Stephen FISHER of Little Neston
20.01.19 TEJA BARCINSKAITE daughter of Indre Barcinskaite and Rolandas Barcinskas of Neston
02.06.19 AMELIE GRACE daughter of Nicola Ann and Christian James Smith of Chester
13.06.19 REX DACRE son of Alice Mary and Tom Kirby of Thornton Hough
14.07.19 JACOB MATTHEW son of Lydia Louise and Alex Symington of Little Neston
04.08.19 FREDRICK JOHN son of Teri Louise Saxon and Fredrick John Benson of Neston
18.08.19 MILO GEORGE son of Kathryn Jane and Benjamin Peter Poole of Willaston
15.09.19 MAX OSCAR son of Emily Elizabeth and Mark Kevin O'Connor of Little Neston
13.10.19 OSKAR RHYS DYLAN son of Nia Angharad  Leach and Paul George Bakstad of Neston
22.12.19 LOTTIE ROSE daughter of Charlotte  and Michael Sharp of Little Neston
22.12.19 RONNIE RICHARD son of Danielle Helen  and Graeme Richard Waring of Australia
15.03.20 NELLY ELIZABETH daughter of April Louise Daintree and Charlie McEvoy Jones of Neston
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