£135 was received in donations and this has been sent to the ARK. Thank you everyone for your generosity.


A big thank you to all who made and contributed to the blankets for the refugees. I delivered 14 to Northwich on Saturday. They will be shipped out to the refugees on Lesbos next weekend. If you remember, that migrant camp was burnt down there, so they have very little shelter and the weather is getting colder. Your blankets will be a lifesaver, especially for the children. God bless you all.        Angela


Your Harvest Gifts were delivered to Wirral Food Bank in Wallasey as they serve the Ark and Charles Thompson Mission. They send their grateful thanks: ‘Huge thanks to everyone in the Parish of Neston for the fabulous donation of 98.40 kgs (216.9lbs) of food delivered to us last week.’

– Hidden in our Communities

There is an exhibition in Chester Cathedral in conjunction with the Clewer Initiative Oct 10th-23rd. The title is: ‘Anti - Slavery Day 2020 Cathedrals, communities and Individual action’ marking Anti- Slavery day. Or you can view a short video by googling: Clewer initiative at Chester Cathedral.


We were able to hold our annual meetings last Sunday 18th October, some six months later than planned, in St Mary & St Helen's Church, with 27 people in church and 6 people attending through a zoom link.

Don Poole has retired as Churchwarden. We acknowledged our debt of gratitude to him for the two periods he discharged these duties for over fourteen years and thanked him for the knowledge and insight he has brought to our church life. We elected Terry Abel and Marion Forshaw as Churchwardens, who will hold office until our next Annual Meeting next springtime. 

In the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, we heard from Jim Wilcock that the Electoral Roll now stands at over 200 again. 

In his report as PCC Secretary, Richard Lewis referred to the wide range of work that many people contributed to in 2019 and have continued to do under different and difficult circumstances this year.

In her report as Treasurer, Lucy Brooks summarised and explained the financial trends over the last ten years clarifying that we were running at a substantial deficit again, as we had in many of the previous years. This year's shortfall, in day to day expenditure, is likely to be £20,000, which is unsustainable. However, we have reasonable funding available for our Vision, which is held in a restricted fund.

Richard Lewis was elected as Deanery Synod representative, and Val Johnson was elected to PCC. Lesley Irvin continues on PCC as a Licensed Lay Worker (Pastoral Worker). Don Poole and Paul Ward have retired from PCC. There are a number of vacancies to be filled and PCC would welcome nominations for these.

In the Vicar's report, Alan noted changes in the Ministry Team which were taking place and would provide some future resilience. He thanked,  in particular, Don for his work as Churchwarden and PCC member over the last sixty years. He outlined his vision for our parish, which would inform the income generation work of the PCC, which would meet within days to address what needs to be done. A special meeting of parishioners will be held on Sun 1st November (details to be available soon).        Richard Lewis, PCC Secretary


Thank you to anyone who has taken a box or is filling their own. Would you please ensure that filled boxes are returned to the Parish Church or to me no later than next Sunday 1st November Anyone having difficulty returning filled boxes please ring me on 336 2723 and I will collect them from you.
Thanking you on behalf of the children in Eastern Europe. Love Kath Roberts.

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