Elecroral Roll Updating Time

Electoral Roll Register 2019

Before the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) on Sunday 28th April 2019, we need to compile a completely new Electoral Roll. This is done every six years and we are not allowed to transfer names from the existing Electoral Roll to the new one.

There are (blue) application forms for enrolment on the new Church Electoral Roll available in each of our churches. Everyone who wishes to be included on the new Electoral Roll is asked to complete and sign an application and return it to Jim Wilcock (Electoral Roll Officer) or to the Church Wardens by 12.00 on Thursday 11th April 2019. A separate application is required for each person wishing to join the Electoral Roll (i.e. no joint applications on one form).

The new Electoral Roll will be published on Saturday 13th April and available in our three churches two weeks before the APCM. Corrections can be made to the list, but additions can only be made after the APCM.

The forms do not require us to add our phone number or email addresses, but if you wish to add these, these will be only used by the Ministry Team, Church Wardens and PCC Secretary for pastoral purposes and within the current data protection regulations. Further information about nominations for Churchwardens and PCC members will be issued later.

Richard Lewis

Parish Secretary/Admin


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