Hello everyone

I hope this finds you well and in good spirits.

As we approach Lent, many of us try  to follow the discipline of giving something up. For some, it’s not opening

the second packet of chocolate hobnobs or even a bottle of wine.

However, some time ago the Vicar suggested that, as a change, instead of stopping something, that instead, we start something new.

May I suggest the discipline of regular Prayer. The Church of England has long supported the routine of Morning and Evening prayer.

But many of us struggle with this, me included!

Can I therefore draw to your attention the attached 2021 Parish Prayer Guide. Richard sent this out a week or so ago with the weekly P&A, but it may have 

escaped your attention.

Some points for your consideration -

It’s envisaged that this guide will be of use in encouraging someone new to regular prayer, it is therefore short and simple to use.

You may agree that most change stems from personal change ,therefore the main prayers are 

for the development of the prayer in order that we may more positively impact upon the World.

It's recognised that not everyone reads the Bible, therefore included are known Bible passages 

hoping that this will encourage us to look up the passage and explore the Bible.

Some of us prefer personalised prayer but lack  direction, therefore  included is the 5 finger prayer technique intended for daily use,

also included is a reminder of people and organisations who we might include in our prayers.

I can do no better than finishing with a quotation from the Guide -

            "Every time we pray, our horizon is altered, our attitude to things is altered, not sometimes but every time, and the amazing thing is

 ....that we don't pray more."  Oswald Chambers. 1874 – 1917

God bless

Tony Cooke (Reader)



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